Liver Points

These dim mak points lie directly over vulnerable portions of the liver and enable one to directly attack the liver. 



When the liver is shown, one can see how these dim mak points lie directly over the liver. 



When the rib cage is shown, it becomes clear that the liver is actually well protected. Thus, the only way to attack the liver is to strike the areas unprotected by the rib cage. The bottom and middle points are attacked up and under the rib cage. The top point is struck in and to the left.  

The liver is an internal organ that can be easily damaged by attacking certain dim mak points. Unless it is repaired surgically, severe liver damage is usually fatal. In addition, because the liver is encapsulated by a membranous sheath, a strong blow to the liver can cause a subcapsular liver laceration that slowly bleeds under the capsule. Eventually, the bleeding causes the surrounding capsule to burst and the victim bleeds to death because of massive internal hemorrhaging. This type of injury is well described and documented in the medical literature and is known as delayed liver rupture. Thus, this type of injury might be related to the delayed death touch legend.

Interestingly, studies of blunt liver damage have shown that the impact velocity is the most important variable when it comes to liver rupture or laceration. In addition, the area and angle of attack are important because they can cause different types of liver injuries. 






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