The TW 17 Point

The triple warmer 17 point lies just behind the mandible in the hollow spot under the ear. This point is located directly over the root of the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve) Striking this point can cause a loss of consciousness or increased parasympathetic effects on the heart. In addition, the facial nerve has direct connections to the vagus and trigeminal nerves, which have been linked to cardiac arrest when stimulated. Thus, stimulation of the triple warmer 17 point can stimulate the trigeminal and vagus nerves leading to syncope (fainting) or cardiac arrest in a susceptible individual. Furthermore, blows to this area have been associated traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages and instant death. There are numerous autopsies that have a bruise in this area and traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhages. The mechanism is believed to involve rotation of the head in combination with translation of the C2 vertebrate because part of this vertebrate is accessible under this point.                                            












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